Why 333 Therapeutics Consulting LLC

Our Goal & Purpose

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Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to promote optimal health and mental wellness through education, advocacy, client, and family support.


Our vision is to bring together the communities we serve and help them to understand the coordination of care necessary for behavioral healthcare, substance abuse recovery, and physical healthcare. That the coordination of this care and these services are essential and that we will assist them in achieving their goals in mental health wellness and recovery.

We will help you through your journey by providing the following services:

✔ Assisting individuals and families in their life’s journey and struggles

✔ Providing medication management for mental health diagnosis

✔ Helping individuals and families create change and set personal goals

✔ Improving overall mood with medication management in combination with psychotherapy

✔ Providing education of mental health diagnosis and medications

✔ Individualized treatment plan for each person based on their diagnosis and needs